CheckMate Bucket

CheckMate Bucket


CheckMate Bucket

Nothing quite screams the late 80s/early 90s like the bucket hat. Although having made a huge resurgence as of late, this classic hat still has a deep-rooted connection to these slightly more retro times. It’s been sometime now since we ran bucket hats, so this nostalgic, 80’s like collection was the perfect excuse to rework the infamous buckets back into our product range.

When it comes to festival season, the bucket hat is a must. Even though all festivals were off the cards this year, they’ll be back in full swing next year, so why not return in style?


A Bucket Hat, with HVT print on the front.

-     Reinforced brim with sticking detail

-     Side eyelets

-     Light-Mid weight

-     100% cotton


One size fits all.

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