About Us



We’re a Community Interest Company based in the heart and soul of West Wales that pride ourselves on doing right by our community to help improve mental health within our own community as well as those further afield.


Our story starts back in late 2016, when a fundraising challenge came about involving a 5-day hitch-hike around Wales to raise awareness and start a conversation about mental health and suicide prevention in young people. The idea was simple, you don’t have to know someone to give them a lift.


As a mean’s of helping aid fundraising and donations, the idea came about to print some homemade t-shirts. As well as aiding donations, this would act as a great means of getting people talking. 


Following on from that first trip around Wales, a number of local lads got involved, further raising the profile of our fundraising efforts for trips in 2017, 2018 and 2019. 

As a result, between 2016 and 2018 Get the Boys a Lift successfully donated over £12,000 to national and local mental health organisations to help them continue with their work and to continue to break down barriers and get more people talking about mental health.


In late 2018, our organisation continued to grow at which we were unable to continue producing and packing merchandise at home and in our spare rooms, thus leading to us taking on a premise in Dew Street, Haverfordwest with some big vision for changing how mental health support was accessed here in our hometown. 


We went about creating a coffee and retail store, and decided to put the funds back in to support being available within our premise, as well as available on a drop in basis to people of the community, thus bridging the support between people accessing support for the first time and professional services. 


In the Spring of 2019, we officially opened Our Place as a coffee and clothing store, with a Drop-in support option available

via the “What’s On” board. With the help of people who support us by grabbing coffee and buying merchandise, as well as those fantastic good sorts who fundraise on our behalf, we’re able to fill our “What’s On” board weekly, which ranges from free drug and alcohol support, to counselling and housing support which is open to all who may need some support.