About Us


rightimage.jpgGet the Boys a Lift are a non-for-profit community interest organisation currently working to better improve mental health within communities.

It started off with an idea that you don’t have to know somebody to give them a lift, and by selling some home-made t-shirts to raise some funds for a couple of local charities with the idea to get people talking that not enough was being done for young people and mental health. 

From one man starting alone, asking for lifts, selling t-shirts and raising money, Get the Boys a Lift now play a prominent figure in many communities in Pembrokeshire and further afield.

In our journey to this point, we have been fortunate enough to have funded £12,000 worth of funding to local and national mental health causes and projects, from keeping suicide hope lines open, to funding therapeutic art classes, as well as providing counsellors for people in rural farming communities. 

We have now taken on a premises and are looking at providing a place for people to access support, through drop in days as well as creative a community environment through good coffee and a place to purchase some of our merchandise to fund our counselling and outreach work.

When you buy an item of clothing, not only are you helping us remain independent and allowing us to continue our work making a difference, but you’re also joining a huge community of people who are standing up to be counted for and are actively making a difference in your community.